Girls Love Mail

I’ve recently learned about an organization called Girls Love Mail.  They collect cards with handwritten messages to send to Cancer Centers for them to hand out to newly diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients.  In conjunction with the Art Show Reception on Saturday, there will be a table of handmade cards that guests can sign before they are sent to the organization.  I’ve been having fun making a few cards.  This is such a worthy cause…won’t you join in and make some cards too?  All the deets can be found here.



These cards have been so much fun to make!  These were inspired by one of my favorite artists, Stephanie Ackerman.  Her class called 52 Card Pickup is available here.  I have been a fan of Stephanie’s for years…yep, pretty much LOVE everything she does.

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Mail Art

Since most of my family is still in the SF Bay Area, and we don’t see Baxter’s Papa’s children very often…I decided to send them all brochures and invitations for my Art Show.  Couldn’t really just send invites to an Art Show in plain envelopes, now could I?

So, I found this cool little Envelope Maker, by We R, at Michaels and made my custom envelopes.  I want to say, I like this little tool…the price is right, about $20 and then with a coupon…  It did take a little playing around to get the size of envelope that I wanted…but once, that was done…I was able to pump them out.


They were so much fun to do…like nine little Art Canvases!  Click on image to get a better look.Mail Art Collage

Have I found my new calling?

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Starting Once Again…

Wow!  November 1.  Don’t know where the year has gone.  And speaking of gone…yeah, I haven’t really been gone…just very, very busy!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been getting ready for an Art Show.  Yep…I can hardly believe it!  I was invited to participate along with 6 other Etsy Artists in an Art Show that is being displayed at the Capital Public Radio Station in Sacramento.  It’s all hung and available for viewing during regular office hours…and the reception is Saturday, Nov 9 from 6-8PM.  You are invited!  If you are local…please come!  Click on the pic below for more info…


I am really try to get back to regular blogging…don’t know if there’s even anybody out there any more :(


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Wow!  I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted on this blog…but I have been so busy preparing for an Art Show!  Yes, an ART SHOW!!!!

I have been invited to participate in a show, along with 7 other artists, at the Capital Public Radio Building.

The show will be viewable during business hours M-F,  Oct. 9 to Dec 15 at the Capital Public Radio Building at 7055 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, CA.

There will also be a reception on Nov 9 at 7PM at the Capital Public Radio Building at 7055 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, CA.  You are invited!!!

In the meantime, please be sure to follow me on Instagram @sydrown.  I am posting sneek peaks regularly.  And follow me on my Facebook Business Page at:

Be back soon!

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Finally, Back Again!

I know I promised to be a better blogger…and I my sweet friend, Kristen, of Tizzy Fits Paper Crafts reminded me of my promise yesterday!  So, I will try again.

First let me tell you that you have to visit Tizzy Fits Paper Crafts!  Kristen makes the cutest scallop mini book kits.  The kits include the covers, tons of papers and you can’t even believe the embellishments she includes….so many!!!  All themed and all so cute.  Please check her out.

Me…well I have actually been doing a HUGE Purge in my studio.  It has been such a mess I couldn’t even think straight.  So, I went through EVERYTHING…and purged.  I don’t really scrapbook any more, so I got rid of a lot of that, had a garage sale, and really made my studio into more of a Mixed Media Studio.  I’m loving it!!!

I’m also taking Mati Rose McDonough’s Daring Adventures in Painting.  I’m finding out that I’m really not very daring at all.  I started out OK…then became so involved in the purge that I have now fallen way behind.  Here’s what I’ve done so far…and I hope to really make some progress this weekend.

Blue Orange Wk1My studio is nice and clean and ready to take on some big mess!



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I Really Am Still Here!

I so mean to blog every day…but the day just gets away from me.  I have promised myself to start making this a priority!

Wish I had tons of pictures to who what I have been doing..but nope.  I have been busy, actually too busy…running around and not really getting much accomplished .  But it is now time to settle down and get busy.  I am so excited to be taking Mati Rose McDonough‘s new e-course…starting tomorrow!!!  Can. Not. Wait!

Promise more pics and everything tomorrow!

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First the Dogs, now Me

Well, the dogs are doing much better.  Lulu is 100% back, just wild and crazy.  And Baxter is really doing pretty good.  He’s a little slower, and a little grumpier with Lulu, and surprisingly  a little more stubborn with us…it’s kinda like, “I’m old, and I can do what I want!”.  But, all in all…they are fine.

But, I’m the one that has been sick now!   I had that horrible flu a couple of months ago, and I think my immune system just got worn down.  It’s been a terrible year for allergies here in the Allergy Capitol of the World, Sacramento.  Every time I get a little allergy attack, it turns into a full fledged sinus infection.  I finally started taking Claretin, and so far it seems to be doing the trick!

I’ve been busy, though…still trying to purge and re-organize in my studio.  Don’t exactly know what I’m gonna do with the stuff, but I’ve noticed a couple of Rocklin/Roseville Yard Sale Facebook Pages cropping up…any thoughts on these?

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2 Sick Puppies

We have two sick puppies.  Lulu (the wild one) some how or another caught her dew claw on something and it broke and the bottom part came out.  And, of course, it got infected.  Poor baby, she didn’t want us to touch it and was sometimes limping and sometimes not.  Of course we didn’t figure out what was going on until my Daughter looked at…and we took her in to the Vet.  They shaved the area, and treated it and soaked it  and gave her a shot and sent us home with more meds.  She is already feeling better and actually tried to get Baxter to play with her.

Baxter is just getting old.  He’ll be 11 in a couple of weeks.  He’s a big dog…so that’s really old.  His back legs are hurting when he tries to stand up he’s lost some muscle mass in his back…I’ve been noticing that his back has become a little swayed.  But, the worst thing is that he has some big growth in his tummy.  The Vet says she thinks it’s on his spleen, but can’t be sure with more testing. Dilemma…do we pay thousands of dollars for tests and probable surgery??? What will that buy him? At this age, maybe only six months or so. And we have put him through so much pain and discomfort. He’s not hurting now…just a little lethargic and his eating is down a bit…but old people slow down and eat less too. For now, we’ve just decided to make him as comfortable as possible and continue to spoil him rotten! This is going to be a hard one for me…Baxter has been by my side nearly all the time.  Here are my sweet pups…they had to get clipped really short because of mats, but they are growing out :)


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My “Heart” was Featured in an Etsy Treasury!

‘My Funny Valentine’ by lilahpinchera

A quirky take on Valentine’s Day, this treasury was inspired by our community, and is designed to show off the craftiness of the Sac Etsy Team (a local team based in Sacramento, CA.)

Yggdrasil Tree of Life With …

Primitive Heart Valentine Or…

Felted Slippers eBook – pdf

Valentines Day Sale Vintage …

Custom Bridesmaid Bouquet – …

Vintage Nude Lace Triangle F…

Mad for Malachite Necklace

Eucalyptus Mint Shaving Soap…

The Heart Knows Art Print

Hand Knitted Scarf, Sparkle …

MOVING SALE – Vintage – Ges …

Whistle Necklace. Really wor…

Multi color tourmaline gold …

Content Unbowed DK

Handmade-Crocheted Washcloth…

Cream Triangle Fringed Shawl

Treasury tool supported by the dog house

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Birthday Girl

My daughter’s birthday is on Valentines Day (Oh, yeah, I already mentioned that).  She will be 40 years old!  I can hardly believe it…I just don’t know how this could happen.  She was just a teenager the other day, and a few days before that she was a baby.  Between her schedule and my granddaughter’s schedule, they are nearly always completely “Booked up”.  So we get her this Sunday, to celebrate her birthday.  We have dinner reservations, and then we will come back to our house for cake and ice-cream.  I know this weekend will be a busy one…so I won’t be back until Monday.  But, I did finish the collage piece that I worked on in my class last week…here it is:


Not the best picture…but it’s late and I just used my phone.


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