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One of the best things about being here in Charleston is the time I get to spend with my Son and his adorable family!  Last weekend I got to babysit Hayes for several hours!  He’s such an easy baby…smiley and happy.  The only time he’s cried when he’s been with me is when it’s time to change […]

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I’ve Landed

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a blog post.  And this is not an easy one to write.  I know I’ve been out of the loop for the last year or so, now it’s time to let you know what’s going on…where I’ve been…and where I am now. My life has been […]

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Well, I didn’t make it all 5 days..just couldn’t get to blogging onFriday.  But, I’m here today…does that count for something?? We’re still struggling with the aftermath of Baxter’s Papa’s Open Heart Surgery.  Really, all I am doing is driving to the hospital, hanging out with him as long as I can, then driving home […]

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On the Road to Recovery

Baxter’s Papa had his Open Heart surgery yesterday and everything went so well!  He is definitely on the road to recovery.  Here he is, already sitting up in a chair! He’s eating  and doing a little walking…ready to leave ICU and go into a regular room. So happy and relieved that this part is over. […]

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Today is the Day

Just a quick stop in…today is the day Baxter’s Papa is having his Open Heart Surgery.  Please keep him your thoughts.

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Wednesday morning, bright and early, Baxter’s Papa is going in for Open Heart Surgery.  He should not have to go through this surgery, but it is now unavoidable.  Here’s why. Two months ago, Rob went on a camping trip with his son and his son’s wife and kids and a couple of his friends.  I stayed […]

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Back Again

Well, I have certainly been “missing in action” for quite a while.  Really, since last year…Really?  But, I have missed blogging and constantly think of things I really would like to blog about.  So, here I am.  Actually, it’s my sweet friend, Jen, that has given me the kick in the you know what to […]

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She is My Hero!

I have been having a hard time getting back into the swing of things around here…in the Studio.  But great motivation…got me going again! My friend and coach,  Michelle Ward (When I Grow Up Coach) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 32.  Being the Internet Celebrity and overall Amazeballs Person that she is…she decided to […]

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ETSY and Discounts!

I’ve decided to get on the November Sales/ Black Friday Bandwagon.  I have re-opened my Etsy Shop and have listed a bunch of  prints.  Enter the Discount Code NOVEMBER and get 50% off!  This offer is good until the end of November.  I will list more tomorrow or the next day!

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Successful Art Show

My very first Art Show was Saturday…so incredible!  So many nice things said…so many family and friends there.  It was magical night, for sure.  I haven’t been doing much…just decompressing the last couple of days.  But, my fingers are getting itchy…time to get going again.  Just trying to decide what to do…and trying to get […]

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