One of the best things about being here in Charleston is the time I get to spend with my Son and his adorable family!  Last weekend I got to babysit Hayes for several hours!  He’s such an easy baby…smiley and happy.  The only time he’s cried when he’s been with me is when it’s time to change his diaper…he does like to be clean!  Usually about once a week my son come over with the baby and we visit, he may run some errands,and we usually have lunch.  Today was one of those days.  I can’t tell you how much I LOVE these visits.  It gives us a chance to catch up and then gives me a little one on one time with my sweet Baby Hayes.  I have this magic Rock N Play Sleeper…it rocks, it vibrates and it sings…Hayes love it…the only problem is he quickly goes to sleep in it.  I know with my own kids, I never complained about them sleeping…but with Hayes I love seeing him smiling and looking around and just interacting!  I guess if I had him all the time, I would welcome his naps!  Here he is today…napping and I think he must be thinking…Hmm, I sure do like being a Gramsy’s house!

IMG_4496I do plan on getting back to some art one of these days…just having too much fun with this little guy!  Tomorrow I have a Handyman coming to start getting some things set up in my studio!!!

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I’ve Landed

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a blog post.  And this is not an easy one to write.  I know I’ve been out of the loop for the last year or so, now it’s time to let you know what’s going on…where I’ve been…and where I am now.

My life has been turned upside down and inside out.  I feel like I’ve been chewed up and spit out.  Baxter’s Papa and I are divorcing.  And I have landed firmly on my feet in Charleston, SC.  Some of you know that my Son and his family are in Charleston.  His family being, beautiful Lee and my new grandson…and sweet Baby Hayes was calling my name.  So, we sold the house in Roseville on the first day of showing (way sooner than we expected) and went into high gear.  At 67 years old I am going through a divorce, sold a house, moved 3000 miles, and bought a house and I’m very slowly getting settled.  It has not been easy…but it’s also been wonderful.  I love Charleston…so beautiful, so friendly, so historic!  I’m a Southern Girl at heart, so in many ways I feel like I’ve come home.

But the best part is being able to spend time with my Son, Lee and Hayes.  I see them regularly and I get to babysit!!!!  He is truly the most beautiful baby!

11742811_10207277416273222_6308316719967681809_nHe’ll be 3 months old tomorrow and I love every minute I get to spend with him.  I’ve also bought a little house and I’m slowly getting things in order…and, of course, Hayes will have his own room at Gramsy’s house!

Here’s my little house:

HouseIt’s a new house in an over 55 community…small, but I LOVE IT!  Pretty plain right now…but you know I’ll make it cute!

I really don’t think anyone is even reading this blog anymore…but that’s OK, it will serve as my journal of my fabulous new life.  It’s pretty ironic that the last post I wrote was about me taking time off to help Baxter’s Papa recover from his open heart surgery…after his nearly fatal Sepsis experience.

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Well, I didn’t make it all 5 days..just couldn’t get to blogging onFriday.  But, I’m here today…does that count for something??

We’re still struggling with the aftermath of Baxter’s Papa’s Open Heart Surgery.  Really, all I am doing is driving to the hospital, hanging out with him as long as I can, then driving home and crashing until the next morning to do it all over again.

I’m going to take the next few days to concentrate on Baxter’s Papa…and I will be back after he’s home and I can doing something creative.  This blog is really not a medical update blog…sorry, that it looks that way.

Be back…soon, I hope.

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On the Road to Recovery

Baxter’s Papa had his Open Heart surgery yesterday and everything went so well!  He is definitely on the road to recovery.  Here he is, already sitting up in a chair!


He’s eating  and doing a little walking…ready to leave ICU and go into a regular room. So happy and relieved that this part is over.  Now for a smooth recovery.

I didn’t mean for this blog to turn into a medical update, but honestly, by them time I get home I am so exhausted I just want to go to bed.  And, I have done nothing in my studio.

I’m hopeful that tomorrow I will do a little something…stay tuned!

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Today is the Day

Just a quick stop in…today is the day Baxter’s Papa is having his Open Heart Surgery.  Please keep him your thoughts.

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Wednesday morning, bright and early, Baxter’s Papa is going in for Open Heart Surgery.  He should not have to go through this surgery, but it is now unavoidable.  Here’s why.

Two months ago, Rob went on a camping trip with his son and his son’s wife and kids and a couple of his friends.  I stayed home in anticipation of a nice, quiet few days.  They arrived on a Wed. evening and the following morning he woke up very sick…not able to form words into a sentence and not able to walk properly.  I will never understand why, but for some reason they decided that he was just dehydrated and left him in the trailer while they all went off on their 4 wheelers.  They did not call me until 6:30 that evening and it took several phone calls and me insisting that they take him to a Dr. before they agreed.  He was finally taken by ambulance to the local hospital and diagnosed with SEPSIS.  He had a temp of 105.  He was in ICU for 5 days taking tons of antibiotics just to keep him alive, until they could find out what the specific infection was.   Then on specific antibiotics to fight the Staph infection for another 4 days before they would let him come home…only to go straight straight to the Infusion Clinic of our local hospital.  He was on IV Antibiotics for 6 weeks, which he administered by syringe at home.  The Sepsis attacked his kidneys, which almost put him in Renal Failure.  His Kidneys were only working at 18%.  They are slowly getting back to normal.  Since he’s been home, we’ve made two trips to the Emergency Room…one time when he he had Congestive Heart Failure…he couldn’t breath!  And, that’s when we found out the worst…that the Sepsis also attacked the Aortic Valve to his heart that he had replaced only 4 years ago and it is leaking significantly.  He will have to have it replaced again!

So, Wednesday AM we start the long journey of the surgery and the healing process.  I am worried.  I am frustrated that he did not get the medical attention he needed as soon as he needed it.  And, I have a hard time understanding how anyone could be so negligent.

Why am I writing this…dunno…I think because no one is really reading this blog anymore, I feel safe in talking about this.  Maybe I just need to get it off my chest and out there. Maybe, because we have been so crazy going from Drs. office to Labs to Hospitals to Emergency Rooms …and I have not been able to make ANY Art where I could express my feelings.  I just know I had to put it out there.

If someone is reading this…please say a pray and think good thoughts for Baxter’s Papa.

Thanks for “listening”.

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Back Again

Well, I have certainly been “missing in action” for quite a while.  Really, since last year…Really?  But, I have missed blogging and constantly think of things I really would like to blog about.  So, here I am.  Actually, it’s my sweet friend, Jen, that has given me the kick in the you know what to get me going again. I wish I could say I promise I will blog regularly from here on out (actually I think I have said that in the past)…but what I can say is I’m going to really try to blog Mon – Fri this week.

So, Jen invited me to participate in a blog hop that apparently has been going around for quite a while.  I’m to answer 4 questions then then pass this on to 3 other bloggers so they can pass it on also.  So here we go:

1.  What am I working on?

We have had a lot going on this this house lately that has really affected my time for Art.  That story is for another day…maybe tomorrow.  So, sad to say…I haven’t been doing much art at all.  I have been partially participating in The Documented Life Project, which is a fabulous Planner, Art Journal and Art Challenge Journal Project put on by Roben Marie Smith and the Fab 5.



I occasionally put a little watercolor to paper…just playing around in my studio.


And the only thing I’ve completed is a Napkin Swap hosted by my Instagram friend Carolyn Albro.


I do have a couple of things waiting for when I can catch my breath…fun stories and projects ahead!

2How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, I’m not sure that I have a genre.  I like to call myself a Mixed Media Artist…and i like to use all kinds of mediums.  Sometimes it’s more paper collaging…sometimes it’s acrylics with different mediums mixed in…love, love, love the Gellie Art Plate…and lately I’ve fallen in love with watercolors.  I think every person is different and has different life experiences that play into our interpretations of life.  I think I create intuitively…at least that is what I strive for.  I have a friend that told me she can always tell how I’m feeling by my art…wow, I LOVE that!  My art is my art because it comes from me.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I have always been creative.  And I come from a long line of creatives…seamstresses, musicians and artists.  It’s just in me.  When I was still working, I worked in the IT field…I wrote databases, I did Data Analysis, I sliced and diced data for Reporting.  All very technical.  But, I always had something creative going on at home (that’s my Gemini brain).  Once I retired I jumped in with both feet…I love nothing more than getting so  messy with paints.  I just have to Art!

4.  How does your writing/creative process work?

I find inspiration in everything around me.  I love color and color combinations.  I love inspirational words.  I HAVE to start with a cleared off workspace!  Sometime a particular color combination is calling my name…other times, there are feelings that need to come and out be expressed.  I love working in my own studio.  I also love to get together with other mixed media artists…but have a hard time settling down…too social!  When I am ready, I usually take out some paint (and/or paper) in a variety of colors and just let the canvas talk to me.

There you have it!  Now that you know al title more about me, I hope that you will stop by often!

Since I have been out of the loop for so long, I have only one blogger to pass this on to (2 others didn’t answer my requests!)  But, I hope Chandra will break the one off cycle and get us back to 3 pass alongs!

My sweet friend Chandra Merod at Juniper Goods.  She will be answering these questions on Monday, June 23rd.  A little about Chandra:  I am interested in letting my creativity flow…when creativity comes to me I like to do Gelli Printing, Art Journals, Altered Books, Painting, Jewelry, Cards, Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), sewing, baking. I love making gluten free, sugar free goodies. I also meditate, enjoy reading and nature. I love my family, playing with my new baby and enjoying time with them.

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She is My Hero!

I have been having a hard time getting back into the swing of things around here…in the Studio.  But great motivation…got me going again!

My friend and coach,  Michelle Ward (When I Grow Up Coach) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 32.  Being the Internet Celebrity and overall Amazeballs Person that she is…she decided to “share” her news via a little ditty she wrote and sang with her pink ukelele.  Please read all about her story here.  Her story and her songs have gone viral…and she has been asked to perform in a variety of venues including a few events around New York City.  She is my friend but also my HERO. The upbeat atitude and grace with which she has publically handled this is incredible.   I have made  a couple of pieces of Breast Cancer Art to be auctioned off at her events.

Cancer 1_small


Cancer 2_small


Thank you, Michelle, for giving me this opportunity!

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ETSY and Discounts!

I’ve decided to get on the November Sales/ Black Friday Bandwagon.  I have re-opened my Etsy Shop and have listed a bunch of  prints.  Enter the Discount Code NOVEMBER and get 50% off!  This offer is good until the end of November.  I will list more tomorrow or the next day!

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 2.05.49 PM

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Successful Art Show

My very first Art Show was Saturday…so incredible!  So many nice things said…so many family and friends there.  It was magical night, for sure.  I haven’t been doing much…just decompressing the last couple of days.  But, my fingers are getting itchy…time to get going again.  Just trying to decide what to do…and trying to get the energy to jump in.

I do want to show you my latest treasure!



This watercolor doodle was done my the amazing Sandi Keene of Secret Lake Diaries.  I pretty much love all of her art…but this one is pretty special.  My Baxter is doing pretty good…for a 12 year old…and I am treasuring every day with him.  He’s getting thinner and thinner…but some days actually jumps around wanting a cookie!

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